ECKART Effect Pigments
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  • Effect Pigments for
    Cosmetics and Personal Care

Welcome to ECKART Effect Pigments

ECKART is one of the leading international manufacturer of metallic and pearlescent pigments for the paints and coatings industry, the printing industry, the plastics, lightweight concrete industries and the cosmetics industry. 

ECKART has a complete range of metal pigments and metal-effect pigments for the coatings and paints industry.


ECKART effect pigment products are successfully used in the printing industry to upgrade the image of packages, labels, publications and other printed means of advertising.

We supply various products for the plastic industry that can be used to create stunning visual effects.

In addition to use as a decorative design element, especially in the coating and printing industry, aluminum pigments are also functional as well.

Pearlescent and metallic pigments - classic features which orchestrate beauty, give powders, haircare products and shower gels a fascinating shimmering effect.