ECKART Effect Pigments


Keeping the environment healthy - both now and in the future

ECKART is constantly improving the environmental balance of its products and has been producing aluminium pigments for water-based coating technologies since 1980.

We also work towards creating a healthier environment by using biodegradable materials, minimising emissions and reducing the use of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Environmentally friendly product characteristics and processing

  • In the Coatings division, powder coating technology allows us to replace third-party products. We also no longer need to use any solvent-based coatings whatsoever.
    ECKART aluminium pigments for water-based coatings have represented a major improvement on solvent-based coatings for several years. Powder-based coatings now offer even more advantages: Even in powder coatings, ECKART effect pigments allow you to create an exceptionally even and precise finish. Furthermore, powder-coating technology uses closed cycles to avoid waste as much as possible.
  • Water-based coating technologies (STAPA® hydrogen technology). STAPA® Hydroxal water-based coatings are completely solvent-free. SHINEDECOR meets the requirements of the Blue Angel eco label.


  • With its MASTERSAFE BS 10-15 aluminium pigment pellets, ECKART’s Plastics division has developed an effect pigment that is specially tailored to the production of biodegradable plastic products such as carrier bags or packing film suitable for food.
  • MASTERSAFE BS pellets are 85% aluminium and contained in a cornflour substrate.

Energy savings and enhanced temperature control through thermally effective colours

  • Appropriate heat insulation can result in significant energy being saved when buildings are heated and air-conditioned, keeping CO2 emissions to a minimum. ECKART coatings and coating materials play a significant role in this type of insulation.
  • Conventional wall paints absorb a high proportion of infrared rays and release them back outside.
    ECKART has developed an innovative range of aluminium pigment-based products with excellent insulation properties that lend themselves perfectly to roof trusses, as they reflect up to 80% of infrared rays. ECKART SHINEDECOR is a ready-made, water-based pigment concentrate that is both easy and convenient to use. Once mixed with a transparent wall paint, it can then be painted, rolled or sprayed onto the surface.
  • This is how we make paints even better value. Alongside their traditional roles of design and surface protection, they are now an excellent energy-saving tool.