ECKART Effect Pigments

Meet Pete Brown

Meet Pete – ECKART’s Business Development Manager for Graphic Arts, North America “Branding is about being noticed, being remembered, and being bought.”

My personal mission is simple. Help designers and brand owners use the allure of metallic colors and special effects to make their brands successful.

Can We Talk? Can we Meet?

I have an array of interesting things to show. Printed samples. Product comparisons. Metallic color charts. Let me know how ECKART can partner with you in your package decoration, design and publishing work. I meet with many designers, ad agencies, brand owners, printers, and others in the course of my work as the branding ambassador for ECKART. I look forward to meeting you.

You can reach me at: (314) 238-6710 (Mobile)

You can email me at:

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