ECKART Effect Pigments


LUXAN CFX is based on borosilicate glass. Thanks to its multilayer structure, LUXAN CFX creates a fascinating, three-dimensional sparkle effect.
Further advantages of LUXAN CFX include:

  • Excellent weather and condensed-water resistance as well as inter-coat adhesion
  • Superb transparency and color purity through precisely defined, tight granular size distribution
  • Optimum incorporation in aqueous and solvent-based painting systems
  • Excellent effect expression in pneumatic and electrostatic application
product name technical data sheet Colour shades compare up to 3 products
LUXAN CFX C001 EE-038044.pdf
LUXAN CFX D001 EE-037202.pdf
LUXAN CFX C261 EE-038046.pdf
LUXAN CFX D393 EE-038066.pdf
LUXAN CFX E001 EE-038062.pdf
LUXAN CFX C241 EE-037217.pdf
LUXAN CFX C393 EE-037218.pdf
LUXAN CFX B001 EE-038074.pdf
LUXAN CFX B241 EE-020852.pdf
LUXAN CFX B261 EE-020855.pdf
LUXAN CFX B393 EE-021326.pdf
LUXAN CFX B502 EE-021329.pdf
LUXAN CFX B512 EE-021328.pdf
LUXAN CFX B522 EE-021327.pdf
LUXAN CFX B542 EE-021085.pdf
LUXAN CFX D502 EE-020790.pdf
LUXAN CFX D512 EE-020789.pdf
LUXAN CFX D522 EE-020783.pdf
LUXAN CFX D542 EE-020787.pdf