ECKART Effect Pigments

eConduct - The economic alternative to pure silver

Pure silver or silver powder is commonly used for applications that require high conductive properties. However, products on the basis of pure silver are subject to high costs and volatile purchasing prices.  
With the pigments of “eConduct”, ECKART offers a cost-efficient alternative to pure silver providing high electrical conductivity. The products are based on metallic or non-metallic, silver-coated substrates. They are available as powders and are of interest for manifold applications.
Among others, the conductive fillers of the eConduct series can be used in the sealants and adhesives industries, in plastics as well as in all areas of printed electronics and also for EMI shielding purposes.

product name technical data sheet Colour shades compare up to 3 products
eConduct Aluminium 201500 EE-020243.pdf Silver
eConduct Aluminium 202000 EE-020764.pdf Silver
eConduct Aluminium 203000 EE-020242.pdf Silver
eConduct Copper 420500 EE-010350.pdf Copper
eConduct Copper 421000 EE-010351.pdf Copper
eConduct Copper 122000 EE-010352.pdf Copper
eConduct Copper 042500 EE-010359.pdf Copper
eConduct Copper 044000 EE-010360.pdf Copper