ECKART Effect Pigments


The aluminium pigments of the STANDART® PCR series are inorganically encapsulated with silicon dioxide. On the one hand this silica coating provides excellent processing properties during powder coating application, on the other hand – due to the barrier effect of the SiO2-layer – it guarantees a certain protection against corrosive chemicals.
The decisive advantages of  STANDART® PCR aluminium pigments are:

  • unique metallic brilliance
  • high colour strength
  • good electrical charging
  • easy processing with Corona and Tribo techniques
  • good shear stability – therefore very suitable for processing with the bonding technique
product name technical data sheet Colour shades compare up to 3 products
STANDART® PCR 2192 EE-007523.pdf
STANDART® PCR 212 EE-000239.pdf
STANDART® PCR 501 EE-049150.pdf
STANDART® PCR 211 EE-049162.pdf
STANDART® PCR 181 EE-049155.pdf
STANDART® PCR 1100 EE-041537.pdf
STANDART® PCR 214 EE-000240.pdf
STANDART® PCR 801 EE-000235.pdf
STANDART® PCR 901 EE-040711.pdf