ECKART Effect Pigments

Seed coating

Dyeing of seeds helps differentiate the various seed strains. The coating with its natural shimmer not only protects the seeds, but also makes them look fresh and healthy - after all, aesthetics play an important part in agriculture too. It is fundamentally important that the ingredients of the seed coatings are as chemically neutral as possible. ECKART produces the pigments according to the seed manufacturers' requirements and delivers them as a source material for seed coatings. The seed manufacturers then carry out the actual coating process themselves.

product name technical data sheet Colour shades compare up to 3 products
HYDRO PELLET 1800 EE-020492.pdf
HYDRO PELLET 2600 EE-020857.pdf
HYDRO PELLET 3500 EE-021226.pdf
HYDRO PELLET 5000 EE-021614.pdf
STAPA® HYDROXAL E 4 Seed EE-021437.pdf
STAPA® HYDROXAL E 8 Seed EE-021438.pdf
HYDRO PELLET 1200 EE-022090.pdf Silver
HYDRO PELLET 1300 EE-021195.pdf Silver
HYDRO PELLET 1500 EE-022087.pdf Silver
HYDRO PELLET 1000 EE-022092.pdf Silver