ECKART Effect Pigments

Creative surfaces with metallic and pearlescent effect powder coatings

In today’s world which is focussing more and more on coatings that meet the ecological need of reducing the solvent amount in paints, powder coatings are exhibiting the excellent feature of being 100% solvent-free.

They can easily be applied in an environmentally friendly manner without producing waste gases or paint sludge.

This technology is also very efficient since over 98% of the powder coating actually becomes applied to the substrate.

Powder coatings exhibit excellent surface quality. They are more cost efficient and have higher manufacturing productivity in comparison to other coating technologies. Together with the need for more environmentally friendly paint systems a trend towards highly aesthetic coatings exists, especially concerning colour and effect.

In order to satisfy both demands, the need for environmental friendliness and highly aesthetic appearance of coatings, metallic and pearlescent effect pigments – modified and tailor-made for powder coatings – offer the right option to achieve surface coatings of high-quality. Due to their physical properties in respect of reflection and interaction with incident light and depending on their particle size they offer a wide range of colouristic possibilities creating effects from crystalline metallic sparkling to silky pearl appearance.

Effect pigments are flake-shaped metallic particles composed of aluminium (silver bronze), copper or brass (gold bronze), or zinc (zinc flakes in contrast to zinc dust) or consist of inorganic mica as a platelet carrier which is coated with metal oxide (e. g. TiO2).

In principle metallic and pearlescent effect pigments provide the following benefits to powder coated surfaces:

  • metallic or pearlescent appearance
  • polychromatic colour design
  • functional protection