ECKART Effect Pigments

LUXAN Stable glass flakes

Under the brand name LUXAN, ECKART offers ith innovative range of particularly high-class pearlescent pigments. Their unique sparkle is based upon a synthetically produced glass which is coated with a patented layer. This gives the pigment an extraordinary three-dimensional look and a characteristic light reflexion - similar to a polished diamond.

LUXAN differentiates by exhibiting:

  • fascinating sparkle effect even at low pigmentation levels
  • outstanding transparency
  • high color purity due to an exactly defined, narrow particle size distribution
  • easy incorporation in all common applications
product name technical data sheet Colour shades compare up to 3 products
LUXAN C001 EE-038030.pdf Interference Silver
LUXAN C241 EE-038071.pdf Interference Red
LUXAN C261 EE-038031.pdf Interference Blue
LUXAN C393 EE-038072.pdf Combination Gold
LUXAN D001 EE-038018.pdf Interference Silver
LUXAN D393 EE-038032.pdf Combination Gold
LUXAN D502 EE-020245.pdf Bronze (Earth tone)
LUXAN D512 EE-020246.pdf Champagne (Earth tone)
LUXAN D522 EE-020247.pdf Copper (Earth tone)
LUXAN D542 EE-020248.pdf Fire Red (Earth tone)
LUXAN E001 EE-038011.pdf Interference Silver
LUXAN E221 EE-038020.pdf Interference Gold
LUXAN E241 EE-038017.pdf Interference Red
LUXAN E261 EE-038033.pdf Interference Blue
LUXAN F001 EE-038013.pdf Interference Silver