ECKART Effect Pigments

Zinc pigments for anti-corrosive powder coatings

STANDART® Zinc Flake

Zinc Flake AT and Zinc Flake GTT are platelet pigments consisting of metallic zinc, providing excellent corrosion protection properties for powder coating primers.

Apart from offering cathodic corrosion protection, they provide – due to their lamellar structure – an additional barrier effect in the powder coating film, resulting in a significantly reduced permeability to corrosive agents.

For formulating powder coating primers the platelet zinc pigments Zinc Flake AT and Zinc Flake GTT are normally combined with other anti-corrosive pigments.
Particularly combinations with other platelet substrates (e. g. with micaceous iron or aluminium pigments) as well as with spherical inorganic or metallic substances such as iron/zinc phosphates (silicates or zirconates) or zinc dust have been successfully proved in practice.

For the production of zinc-based powder coating primers, Zinc Flake AT or Zinc Flake GTT (10%–15%) are added with the other anti-corrosive pigments (40%– 60%) at the premix stage, followed by extruding, grinding and sieving.

product name technical data sheet description
STANDART® Zinc flake AT EE-049601.pdf
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