ECKART Effect Pigments


This part is completely dedicated to effect pigments suitable for nail polish applications.

product name technical data sheet Colour shades compare up to 3 products
SYNCRYSTAL Soft Silver EE-35685.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Silk Silver EE-35651.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Silver EE-35490.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Sparkling Silver EE-35491.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Gold EE-35631.pdf Interference Gold
SYNCRYSTAL Red EE-35632.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Blue EE-35633.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Scarlet EE-35675.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Sapphire EE-35650.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Ivory EE-35649.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Spring Gold EE-35674.pdf
SYNAFIL S 115 EE-35688.pdf
SYNAFIL S 525 EE-35646.pdf
SYNAFIL S 1050 EE-35621.pdf
SYNAFIL W 1234 EE-035647.pdf
MIRAGE Bright Silver EE-038025.pdf
MIRAGE Sparkling Silver EE-038001.pdf
MIRAGE Glamour Silver EE-038009.pdf
MIRAGE Twinkling Silver EE-038021.pdf
MIRAGE Glamour Gold EE-038019.pdf
MIRAGE Bright Red EE-037215.pdf
MIRAGE Glamour Red EE-038010.pdf
MIRAGE Bright Blue EE-038058.pdf
MIRAGE Glamour Blue EE-038026.pdf
MIRAGE Glamour Green EE-038027.pdf
MIRAGE Sparkling Luxury Gold EE-038028.pdf
MIRAGE Sparkling Champagne EE-037204.pdf
MIRAGE Sparkling Bronze EE-038069.pdf
MIRAGE Sparkling Copper EE-038068.pdf
VISIONAIRE Silver Sea EE-040444.pdf
VISIONAIRE Bright Silver Sea EE-040443.pdf
VISIONAIRE Sparkling Silver Sea EE-040966.pdf
VISIONAIRE Bright Splendid Champagne EE-021094.pdf
SILVERDREAM Starlight 70 IL EE-007302.pdf
SILVERDREAM Polaris 90 WM EE-052329.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Green EE-35684.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Jade EE-35676.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Almond EE-35687.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Copper EE-35672.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Fire-Red EE-35673.pdf
SILVERDREAM Prismatic H-50550 EE-052506.pdf
MIRAGE Blue EE-021332.pdf
MIRAGE Bronze EE-021664.pdf
MIRAGE Champagne EE-021333.pdf
MIRAGE Copper EE-021663.pdf
MIRAGE Dazzling Blue EE-020388.pdf
MIRAGE Dazzling Gold EE-020386.pdf
MIRAGE Dazzling Green EE-020391.pdf
MIRAGE Dazzling Red EE-020387.pdf
MIRAGE Dazzling Silver EE-020601.pdf
MIRAGE Fire-Red EE-021330.pdf
MIRAGE Red EE-021334.pdf
MIRAGE Silver EE-021331.pdf
SILVERDREAM L-55350 EE-056252.pdf
SILVERDREAM Prismatic H-115002 EE-053002.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Soft Black EE-020450.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Soft Bronze EE-20917.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Soft Copper EE-20918.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Soft Peach EE-020919.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Supernova Gold EE-021131.pdf
VISIONAIRE Bright Splendid Red 34 EE-041711.pdf