ECKART Effect Pigments

GELWHITE and OPTIGEL - Water phase

Natural hydrophilic layered silicates

Product Description
GELWHITE and OPTIGEL products are activated bentonite products. They are used as a thixotropic agent in water-based systems with excellent anti-settling and stabilizing properties.

• Form thixotropic gels in water
• Stabilize suspensions and O/W emulsions
• Depending on grade medium or high thickening
• Heat resistant thickening effect
• Add smoothness to product
• Adsorb sebum Applications
• Anti-Wrinkle Lotions (e.g. with Fruit Acids)
• Bath and Shower Gels
• Creams and Lotions
• Facial Masks
• Liquid Make-Ups
• Sunscreen Products

Delivery form
• Powder

product name technical data sheet Colour shades compare up to 3 products
GELWHITE-H XR** EE-020628.pdf
GELWHITE-L* EE-020627.pdf
OPTIGEL-CK XR** EE-020625.pdf
OPTIGEL-CK* EE-020624.pdf
OPTIGEL-CL XR** EE-020622.pdf
OPTIGEL-CL* EE-020623.pdf
OPTIGEL-WX XR** EE-020620.pdf