ECKART Effect Pigments


This part represents effect pigments for e.g. make up, foundations, colored cream, BB, CC and DD cremes and blush with loose, pressed or creamy texture.

product name technical data sheet Colour shades compare up to 3 products
SYNCRYSTAL Soft Silver EE-35685.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Silk Silver EE-35651.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Silver EE-35490.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Sparkling Silver EE-35491.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Gold EE-35631.pdf Interference Gold
SYNCRYSTAL Red EE-35632.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Blue EE-35633.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Scarlet EE-35675.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Sapphire EE-35650.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Ivory EE-35649.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Spring Gold EE-35674.pdf
SYNAFIL S 115 EE-35688.pdf
SYNAFIL S 525 EE-35646.pdf
SYNAFIL S 1050 EE-35621.pdf
SYNAFIL W 1234 EE-035647.pdf
MIRAGE Bright Silver EE-038025.pdf
MIRAGE Sparkling Silver EE-038001.pdf
MIRAGE Glamour Silver EE-038009.pdf
MIRAGE Twinkling Silver EE-038021.pdf
MIRAGE Glamour Gold EE-038019.pdf
MIRAGE Bright Red EE-037215.pdf
MIRAGE Glamour Red EE-038010.pdf
MIRAGE Bright Blue EE-038058.pdf
MIRAGE Glamour Blue EE-038026.pdf
MIRAGE Glamour Green EE-038027.pdf
MIRAGE Sparkling Luxury Gold EE-038028.pdf
MIRAGE Sparkling Champagne EE-037204.pdf
MIRAGE Sparkling Bronze EE-038069.pdf
MIRAGE Sparkling Copper EE-038068.pdf
VISIONAIRE Silver Sea EE-040444.pdf
VISIONAIRE Bright Silver Sea EE-040443.pdf
VISIONAIRE Sparkling Silver Sea EE-040966.pdf
VISIONAIRE Bright Splendid Champagne EE-021094.pdf
VISIONAIRE Natural Gold EE-060314.pdf
VISIONAIRE Bright Natural Gold EE-060242.pdf
VISIONAIRE Maize Gold EE-060323.pdf
VISIONAIRE Bright Sunflower Gold EE-060243.pdf
VISIONAIRE Amber EE-060324.pdf
VISIONAIRE Honey EE-060316.pdf
VISIONAIRE Bright Honey EE-060244.pdf
VISIONAIRE Cinnamon EE-060317.pdf
VISIONAIRE Bright Cinnamon EE-060245.pdf
VISIONAIRE Lava EE-060325.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Green EE-35684.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Jade EE-35676.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Almond EE-35687.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Copper EE-35672.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Fire-Red EE-35673.pdf
MIRAGE Blue EE-021332.pdf
MIRAGE Bronze EE-021664.pdf
MIRAGE Champagne EE-021333.pdf
MIRAGE Copper EE-021663.pdf
MIRAGE Dazzling Blue EE-020388.pdf
MIRAGE Dazzling Gold EE-020386.pdf
MIRAGE Dazzling Green EE-020391.pdf
MIRAGE Dazzling Red EE-020387.pdf
MIRAGE Dazzling Silver EE-020601.pdf
MIRAGE Fire-Red EE-021330.pdf
MIRAGE Red EE-021334.pdf
MIRAGE Silver EE-021331.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Soft Black EE-020450.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Soft Bronze EE-20917.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Soft Copper EE-20918.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Soft Peach EE-020919.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Supernova Gold EE-021131.pdf
VISIONAIRE Bright Splendid Red 34 EE-041711.pdf