ECKART Effect Pigments


Borosilicate pigments for glamorous effects in cosmetic applications

MIRAGE effect pigments are based on calcium sodium borosilicate and distinguish themselves by their extraordinary sparkling effects and glamorous look. Their performance is outstanding in respect to high transparency, unique color purity and outstanding luster.

Due to the carefully controlled upper limit of the particle size even MIRAGE Glamour pigments provide a remarkable pleasant skin feel. The MIRAGE pigment series is suitable for all kinds of color cosmetic and personal care applications like nail polishes, lipsticks or glosses, powders, wax based systems, emulsions and gels.

product name technical data sheet Colour shades compare up to 3 products
MIRAGE Bright Red EE-037215.pdf
MIRAGE Bright Silver EE-038025.pdf
MIRAGE Bright Blue EE-038058.pdf
MIRAGE Glamour Blue EE-038026.pdf
MIRAGE Glamour Gold EE-038019.pdf
MIRAGE Glamour Green EE-038027.pdf
MIRAGE Glamour Red EE-038010.pdf
MIRAGE Glamour Sapphire EE-038045.pdf
MIRAGE Glamour Silver EE-038009.pdf
MIRAGE Sparkling Bronze EE-038069.pdf
MIRAGE Sparkling Champagne EE-037204.pdf
MIRAGE Sparkling Copper EE-038068.pdf
MIRAGE Sparkling Fire Red EE-037205.pdf
MIRAGE Sparkling Luxury Gold EE-038028.pdf
MIRAGE Sparkling Silver EE-038001.pdf
MIRAGE Twinkling Silver EE-038021.pdf
MIRAGE Blue EE-021332.pdf
MIRAGE Bronze EE-021664.pdf
MIRAGE Champagne EE-021333.pdf
MIRAGE Copper EE-021663.pdf
MIRAGE Dazzling Blue EE-020388.pdf
MIRAGE Dazzling Gold EE-020386.pdf
MIRAGE Dazzling Green EE-020391.pdf
MIRAGE Dazzling Red EE-020387.pdf
MIRAGE Dazzling Silver EE-020601.pdf
MIRAGE Fire-Red EE-021330.pdf
MIRAGE Red EE-021334.pdf
MIRAGE Silver EE-021331.pdf