ECKART Effect Pigments


Synthetic mica pigments for bright cosmetic formulations

The SYNCRYSTAL product line based on metal oxide coated synthetic fluorphlogopite flakes and offers new ways to achieve very bright and also bold colored formulations. Due to the synthetic origin of the substrate, the level of impurities is significantly lower compared to that of natural mica. Whether remarkable silvery pearlescence, brilliant interference effects, warm earth tones or expressive colors - the SYNCRYSTAL range offers superior skin feel, high purity and outstanding chroma.

product name technical data sheet Colour shades compare up to 3 products
SYNCRYSTAL Spring Gold EE-35674.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Silver EE-35490.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Copper EE-35672.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Almond EE-35687.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Blue EE-35633.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Fire-Red EE-35673.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Gold EE-35631.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Green EE-35684.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Ivory EE-35649.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Red EE-35632.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Sapphire EE-35650.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Scarlet EE-35675.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Silk Silver EE-35651.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Soft Silver EE-35685.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Sparkling Silver EE-35491.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Jade EE-35676.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Soft Black EE-020450.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Soft Bronze EE-20917.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Soft Copper EE-20918.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Soft Peach EE-020919.pdf
SYNCRYSTAL Supernova Gold EE-021131.pdf