ECKART Effect Pigments

Heavy-duty Corrosion Protection

The zinc pigments perform a technical and functional task. The barrier effect of the leaflets dramatically increases the length of the diffusion paths, thus protecting the substrate.

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STANDART® Zinc flake TV EE-040952.pdf
STANDART® Zinc flake AT EE-049601.pdf
STANDART® Zinc flake GTT EE-040004.pdf
STANDART® Zinc flake G EE-032053.pdf
STAPA® TE Zinc AT EE-051652.pdf
STAPA® TE Zinc GTT EE-051653.PDF
STAPA® Zinc 4 EE-59971.pdf
STAPA® Zinc 8 EE-059972.pdf
STAPA® Zinc 15 EE-032054.pdf
STAPA® 4 ZnAl 7 EE-032037.pdf
STAPA® 4 ZnSn 15 EE-032036.pdf
STAPA® 4 ZnSn 30 EE-032044.pdf