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STAY/STEEL® Stainless Steel Flake Pigments

Since the early 50’s stainless steel flake pigments have been used commercially in protective coating formulations for metal substrates. Their use is now well established in industrial maintenance and specialty coatings and is continually increasing. Stainless steel flake pigment incorporated in a variety of high solids solvent based and water based systems improves the performance of conventional protective coatings.

STAY/STEEL® stainless steel flake pigments are a finely divided metal pigment. The products are AISI 316L alloy milled to a uniform particle size. STAY/STEEL® pigments act two ways: chemically and mechanically.

Chemically, STAY/STEEL® stainless steel flake pigments resist corrosion and ultraviolet attack. Mechanically, they are strong, hard and highly abrasion resistant. STAY/STEEL®, being non-leafing, permits the flakes to build up a multi-layer structure tightly bonded to the substrate. As erosion of the coating binder progresses in service, the stainless steel particles become more and more exposed, providing continued protection for the remainder of the coating and substrate beneath. The result is a coating with very long service life and outstanding appearance.

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STAY/STEEL 316L Flake Standard Grade EE-018003.pdf
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