Water-Based Systems

Water-Based Pioneering

Aqueous metallic inks and dispersions always played an important role in the ECKART product range for the graphic arts industry. With the introduction of ROTOSTAR Aqua metallic inks and ROTOVARIO Aqua metallic dispersions in 1993, ECKART assumed a pioneering role in the development of environmentally friendly solutions for water-based gravure and flexo applications.

Meanwhile, due to intensive research work and product innovations, ECKART has become the world leader in this sector. And with our latest innovation for water-based applications we cause another sensation: ULTRASTAR Aqua metallic inks based on the well-known METALURE® aluminium dispersion represent the new dimension in high-brilliance metallic effects for water-based gravure and flexo printing.

Next to finished inks and semi-finished products in the form of metallic dispersions ECKART offers a variety of other metal pigment products for water-based printing applications. The product range includes dust-free metallic pellets (ROTOSAFE Aqua) and numerous metal pigment types (ROTOFLEX).

In addition to our metallic product range we offer PHOENIX Pearlescent Pigments for the formulation of special effect water-based printing inks.