ECKART Effect Pigments

Bronze Powder DORADO

DORADO is the brand name for ECKART’s most modern dusting bronze with the following advantages:

  • Extremely high brilliance
  • Excellent feeding on high speed presses
  • Drastically improved sheet cleaning
  • Elimination of dust from sheet edges on most stocks
  • Better after processing
  • No additives necessary
  • Dust retention in the stack reduced or eliminated
product name technical data sheet Colour shades compare up to 3 products
DORADO 0040 01 PDF Copper
DORADO 0040 03 PDF Pale gold
DORADO 0040 06 PDF Rich pale gold
DORADO 0040 09 PDF Rich gold
DORADO 0040 22 PDF Gold
DORADO 0040 23 PDF Yellow gold light
DORADO 0040 24 PDF Yellow gold dark
DORADO 0040 26 PDF Deep gold
DORADO 0040 28 PDF Fire red