A complete range based on a wide variety of different pigments

ECKART offers a wide variety of effect pigment products.

Depending on which property is particularly important to you and which result you wish to obtain, we can offer a large range of different starting materials. Pigments are the starting material and basis for all our products, whether powders, pastes, pellets, dispersions or printing inks.

When looking for the most suitable product for your application, you will here find our complete product portfolio, ranging from powders to printing inks; these pages are organised according to the different types of basic pigments.

Iron flake pigments


Stainless Steel Flake Pigments


Gold Bronze Pigments

LITHOFLEX metallic pigments for flexo, litho and letterpress applications represent the state-of-the-art in pigment technology- with precision controlled ultra fine particle sizes.  mehr

Pearlescent pigments

Ranging from the soft sheen of a pearl to the shimmering iridescent play of colours in a butterfly’s wings mehr

Zinc pigments

Corrosion protection is an essential area in the broad field of coatings applications. mehr


With its dust-free benefit for greater safety and a clean environment, ROTOSAFE, ROTOSAFE Aqua, MASTERSAFE, POWDERSAFE® and ALUDUR clean up the issues associated with normal metallic pastesmehr

Concentrates - dispersions

Aluminium and bronze pigment dispersions such as ROTOVARIO, ROTOVARIO Aqua, METALURE® and HYDROSHINE facilitate incorporating metallic pigments...  mehr

Printing inks

ECKART is the foremost supplier of metallic inks for the worldwide graphic arts industry.  mehr

Metal-pigment coatings

ECKART offers a complete line of paints and coatings for specialist retailer, from effect and thermo coatings to special-purpose paints. mehr

Cosmetic pigments

Pearlescent and metallic pigments – classic features which orchestrate beauty  mehr

Aluminium pigments

Silver metallic effects stand for high-tech, precision and technology. mehr