Aluminium pigments

The fascination of silver

Silver metallic effects stand for high-tech, precision and technology. Glittering silver effects are achieved in the widest variety of different applications by the use of various forms of aluminium pigments. In addition to creating special effects, aluminium pigments also have a functional role, for example, they provide protection against both heat and corrosion.

The aluminium pigment flakes from ECKART are produced on the basis of pure aluminium (min. 99.5%). Atomised aluminium powder is deformed and broken down during the wet or dry-milling process to form flakes. In subsequent stages, the pigments are classified according to the relevant application and then further refined.

On the basis of aluminium pigments, ECKART offers a complete product range for every area of application; this ranges from powders, pastes and pellets to dispersions and printing inks.