ECKART Effect Pigments

Information on heat loss and IReflex

Study on the cost efficiency of IReflex
ECKART realized extensive research in co-operation with the Bauhaus University in Weimar (department Faculty for Building Physics) in a special climatic room in order to prove the efficiency of IReflex. 

In order to measure the thermal comfort, we found support in Feelix, an artificial model. Feelix is covered with a special kind of plastic with 7,000 metres of cabling underneath that make it possible to simulate the temperature and feeling of the human skin.

The walls of the climatic room were painted with IReflex mixed into an interior wall paint and the heat output was varied in the course of different test series.

The following results exemplify the whole test series of the Bauhaus University:

General conditions:

  • Floor heating
  • Outdoor temperature - 5 °C
  • Room temperature 21 °C
  • Application:
    IReflex 5000 White with a reflectance value of 50 %
  • Heat flow density of Feelix: q = 70.2 W/m²
ConstructionType of buildingTemperature of exterior wall
Energy saving with IReflex of a reflectance value of 50 %
Room with two exterior walls and ceilingOld building14,722%
Building of the seventies16,419 %
Modern low-energy house19,616 %
Room with one exterior wallOld building14,717 %
Building of the seventies16,417 %