ECKART Effect Pigments

Energy management with intelligent coating systems

In order to increase the reflectance value, the surface also plays an important role. The best reflectance values can be obtained by applying the wall paint with IReflex on a smooth surface. This effect is shown by the picture below. Here, the IR reflectance values of an application on different surfaces are compared:

However, not only the residents of older buildings can take advantage of the IReflex effect. According to the results of the study, the energy efficiency in the case of low-energy houses can be increased by 16 %.

Heat losses of buildings
The highest heat losses of buildings occur at their exterior walls and ceiling areas.

The results of the research carried out by the Bauhaus University in Weimar highlight the high energy savings potential in the field of old buildings. The worse the heat insulation of a building is, the more energy can be saved by using IReflex.

At the same time, the draught effect at badly insulated exterior walls can be minimized.

The application of interior wall paint with IReflex reduces significantly the loss of transmission heat from the walls to the outside. After the application, the wall reflects the heat back into the room. The human body needs to produce less energy for the heat exchange and feels less cold. The thermal comfort of Feelix increases and the supplied heat output can be reduced.

Accordingly less heating energy is required to keep the thermal comfort at a constant level. In the course of the decrease of the air temperature, the heat output can be reduced by 1.4 K.


Depending on the surface, the pigmentation level and the pigment orientation, different reflection values can be realized.


Energy management
Heat losses of buildings
This loss of energy can be reduced by using the new ECKART product IReflex 5000 White.

The highest heat losses of buildings occur at their exterior walls and ceiling areas.