ECKART Effect Pigments


Novel non-leafing aluminium pigments for powder coatings

STANDARTPC3D pigments are a new generation of non-leafing aluminium pigments. What sets them apart is the completely new pigment encapsulation concept, in which all aluminium pigment cores are surrounded by an inorganic silica encapsulation and an additional organic layer containing thermosetting resin molecules.
This new patent applied pigment encapsulation concept creates a unique metallic effect, which had never been possible to achieve in powder coatings until now.
In transparent or translucent basic powder coatings STANDARTPC3D pigments create metallic effects with unique spatial depth and a three-dimensional appearance – quite close to the metallic effects of wet paint application.
A further advantage of the new pigment encapsulation with thermosetting molecules is the successful embedding of the STANDARTPC3D aluminium pigments in the matrix of the powder coating film, resulting in extraordinary chemical resistance properties and rub resistance.