Cosmetic Pigments

Cosmetic pigments are metallic and pearlescent pigments that are added to product formulations to provide effect and color through the manipulation of light.

Cosmetic Pigments by ECKART
Cosmetic Pigments by ECKART

Types of Cosmetic Pigments

ECKART offers cosmetic pigments for nails, lips, eyes, face and personal care products. These pigments are mostly Borosilicate, Synthetic Mica and Metallics.

Calcium Sodium Borosilicate

Calcium Sodium Borosilicate by ECKART Pigments that are made of a glass substrate that adds shimmer to cosmetics. Calcium Sodium Borosolicate pigments offer high transparency, unique color purity and outstanding luster. ECKART’s MIRAGE line is available for nails, lipsticks, lip glosses, powders, waxes, emulsions and gels.

Synthetic Mica

Synthetic Mica Cosmetic Pigments by ECKARTDue to the synthetic origin of the substrate, the level of impurities is significantly lower compared to that of natural mica. The SYNCRYSTAL range offers superior skin feel, high purity and outstanding chroma.

SYNCRYSTAL Soft Autumn Gold


Cosmetic Pigments MetallicECKART’s SILVERDREAM products are metallic pigment preparations for nail formulations. VISIONAIRE aluminum pigments can be used on nails and eyes. Additionally, VISIONAIRE bronze and copper pigments can be used in applications such as eyes, face and lips. These types of pigments provide superior coverage and metallic reflection. Metallic pigments can be combined with pearlescent pigments for chromatic effects.

MIRAGE HoloMagic

What Application Fields (Markets) does ECKART offer Cosmetic Pigments for?

ECKART offers pigments for color cosmetics, nail polishes and personal care products.

Color Cosmetics

Metallic and Pearlescent Pigments are used to tint the eyes, lipstick, lip gloss, and facial applications like foundations and cremes.


Most metallic and pearlescent pigments can be used in nail formulations. Vacuum metallized pigments produced using a special PVD process can be used solely for nail formulations.

Personal Care Products

ECKART pigments are used to bring color and effect to shampoos, shower gels, masks, lotions, cremes and more. Additionally, ECKART offers rheological additives for thickening.

ECKART Rheological Additives

Rheological Additievs by ECKARTRheological additives bring thickness and volume to cosmetic products. ECKART Rheological additives are used in cremes, lotions, shampoos, cleansers, antiperspirants and color cosmetics.

ECKART offers rheological additives for “Natural” cosmetics; GELWHITE, OPTIGEL and ECOFIL.

Click here to learn more about ECKART Rheological products.

How ECKART contributes with Trend Colors:

Cosmetic Color Trends by ECKARTECKART anticipates the needs of the market and invests greatly into our Trend Color concepts.

Twice each year, ECKART produces themed formulations with the assistance of our superior technical professionals. After colors and formulations have been selected, samples are produced and used to create images to communicate these intuitive pallets.

Visit our Color Trends pages to view images from photoshoots and even download formulations.

How to contact ECKART Cosmetic Pigments.

ECKART is a global producer and supplier. Regardless of where you design, engineer or manufacturer, we can provide technical assistance at all stages of your project.

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