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Eckart - Effect Pigments

BRILLIANCE ONLINE - Asia Coat + Ink Show 2017:

Our special effects – sure to turn heads!

Metallic and pearlescent pigments with their striking appearance lend your labels the unmistakable touch of elegance and appeal. Let yourself be inspired by our variety of effect pigments and ready-to-use inks covering all market segments of the printing industry. 

We look forward to welcoming you at booth #27 at Asia Coat + Ink Show 2017, Bombay Exhibition Center, Goregaon, Mumbai, from March 9 – 11, 2017. 


Asia Coat + Ink Conference

Mr. Torsten Schmelich, Manager Technical Marketing Graphic Arts at ECKART GmbH, will give you an insight on “Excellence in Metallic Effects” during the Asia Coat and Ink conference at Hotel Westin, Mumbai, on March 8, 2017. He will be delighted to meet you at the conference for questions and further discussions.   


PLATINVARIO aluminum pigment concentrates are commercially attractive. The ultra-thin aluminum flakes provide superior coverage and brilliance. They show excellent adhesion performance and are suitable for low odor, high sensorial formulations. On ECKART’s product effect scale, the so-called “Platindollar” aluminum pigments are seen between METALURE® mirror effects and the brilliant “Silverdollar” pigments.



ULTRASTAR is the brand name for maximum brilliance in solvent-based metallic inks. They offer mirror-like effects on various substrates and are designed as alternative to foil and metallization, for gravure, flexo and screen printing. ULTRASTAR inks are based on the ultra-brilliant METALURE® PVD aluminium pigments to convince with luxury effects for packaging and label printing.


ROTOVARIO 501 Series

Designed to include as much technology as possible in a concentrated form, ROTOVARIO dispersions provide easy handling and the flexibility to formulate a range of high quality finished products for specific applications, especially for gravure and flexo ink formulations.

With a range of special properties ROTOVARIO non-leafing dispersions provide optimum adhesion, high lamination bond strength and very low taint and odor properties, ideal for flexible film packaging, laminating inks etc.

ROTOVARIO non-leafing products are recommended for polychromatic effects like artificial gold and are suitable for foil replacement projects.


The ROTOVARIO FPG 550 series is based on non-leafing aluminum pigments pasted in isopropanol or ethyl acetate.

The low-migration pastes have been developed for the formulation of solvent based flexo, screen and gravure printing inks. FPG stands for Food Packaging Grade: ROTOVARIO FPG products are recommended for the print of food packaging (non-direct food contact).



ROTOVARIO UV FPG 950 204 (silver dollar pigment paste) and ROTOVARIO UV FPG 950 Gold Series (based on gold bronze pigments) are recommended for the formulation of UV curing flexo, offset and screen printing inks – for surface and reverse printing on film or paper and carton substrates.

These special, low-migration Food Packaging Grades are ideally suited for the print of food packaging (non-direct food contact).


The SYMIC pearlescent pigments product family is made from synthetic mica and has been enlarged by a highly versatile gold color shade: SYMIC C393. This new high chroma gold color combines unique color purity with exceptional gloss. The smooth sparkle of SYMIC pigments highlights prints in many applications: screen, tower coater & gravure – especially when used in overprint varnishes.



The glass-based LUXAN B and D pearlescent pigments series are available in a variety of earth tones, ranging from fire red and copper to bronze and champagne. These pearl colors create unexpected sparkling effects for the printing industry.