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Strong sparkle effects & 3D appearance

LUXAN CFX B604 Midnight Silver


Intensive red colored pearl pigment for Cosmetics

Great sparkle, no plastics!

Effect pigments: the ideal solution for microplastic-free glitter

SILVERSHINE Platinum & Titanium Grey

Finest aluminium pigments for smooth metallic finishes

SILVERSHINE Ceramic & Xenon White


Flawless white with noble silver shine and iridescent effects from silver white to metallic blue


Darkest chrome effect - flowing from powerful black into a brilliant chrome look


Dual-curing leafing silver inks on VMP basis

Trend colors for cosmetics

Discover the color trends for cosmetics in autumn & winter of 2025!


High gloss & high coverage - ideally suited for film applications


Compostable effect pigments & inks

METALSTAR FPG 712 7000 nl

Our bestseller for offset printing, METALSTAR 06 7000 non-leafing silver, now available as food packaging grade!

Application areas of ECKART

ECKART produces metallic effect and pearlescent pigments as well as concentrates, dispersions and printing inks for the following industries:

Coating industry

Industrial coatings


Powder coatings

Printing industry

Functional applications



Aerosols and paints

Additive Manufacturing

Virtual Lab Tour 360°

ECKART‘s Virtual Lab

Interesting for lab beginners and professionals alike: On your tour through our Virtual Lab you will learn which quality controls are carried out with our effect pigments. Processing instructions and tips as well as ready-to-use formulations are waiting for you. The contents are permanently updated - a regular visit to the lab at ECKART is worthwhile! The experience becomes even more real if you use 3D glasses.

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Stories from the world of effect pigments

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Effect Stylings

New styling brand eckArt Effect Stylings for innovative color concepts

Dynamic White Shades

Not all white is the same - as "Dynamic White Effects for Mobility" shows. A cosmos of timeless elegance for automotive coatings.

ECKART effect pigments

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Frauen in Führungspositionen

Die Förderung von Frauen in Führungspositionen steht nicht nur bei der ECKART GmbH, sondern bei der gesamten ALTANA Gruppe im Fokus

Frauen in Führungspositionen

Die Förderung von Frauen in Führungspositionen steht nicht nur bei der ECKART GmbH, sondern bei der gesamten ALTANA Gruppe im Fokus



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