Aluminium flakes in an aerated concrete keeping you warm!


„We are able to react to the individual requirements of the autoclaved aerated concrete manufacturers. Our customers can rely on our proven expertise.”


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"What’s more, we offer our customers from the building materials industry a wide range of technical support services for their applications." But why mixing aluminum flakes into autoclaved aerated concrete? There are good reasons to do so, but one of the most important ones is that the flakes, which are added as a blowing agent to the raw material, create air-filled bubbles or pores that feature excellent thermal insulation properties.

Aluminum flakes – the perfect blowing agent for autoclaved aerated concrete with different strength grades:

The last few decades have seen autoclaved aerated concrete develop into an extremely popular building material. At the same time, industrial demands with regard to its quality have become increasingly differentiated. Our aluminum flakes offer manufacturers an ideal blowing agent to suit their corresponding strength grade, production conditions, and processes. All of our products are made of pure aluminum. Our aluminum flakes have also proven their worth in the chemical building material industry. We offer three product lines with different types of aluminum flakes to be used as a blowing agent for the production of autoclaved aerated

concrete. The STANDART® aluminum flakes in powder form feature a high level of casting stability and a wide range of grain sizes. The pastes with STAPA® HYDROPOR aluminum flakes enable rapid processing, short mixing times, and also ensure a high degree of passive safety. The aluminum pastes are also available with retarder properties to modify initial reactivities. The anhydrous STAPA® ALUPOR pastes excel in terms of storage stability and were specifically developed for use in warmer regions.

STANDART® aluminum flakes

in powder form allow you to adjust the reactivity of your production process to suit your exact needs by mixing different grain sizes.

Pastes with HYDROPOR aluminum flakes

are available in the bulk density classes “heavy” to “light,” with particle sizes ranging from “coarse” to “very fine.” The pastes can be mixed to obtain the required chemical reactivity.

Homogeneous pore pattern in the direction in which the concrete is blown as well as optimized physical properties:

The STAPA® HYDROPOR pastes improve the quality of the concrete in many ways, such as ensuring a homogeneous pore pattern in the direction in which the concrete is blown. Moreover, they optimize the physical properties of ready-mixed concrete.

In cement or lime-based mineral plaster systems, our aluminum flakes compensate for shrinkage during the setting and initial drying phases. Depending on the dosage, they can even produce a swelling effect.

With foresight to the future: Interview with Dr. Ulrich Schmidt

Autoclaved aerated concrete is a building material with a bright future. Thanks to its insulating properties, it is making an important contribution in the fight against climate change. For this reason, ECKART supports manufacturers of autoclaved aerated concrete by providing aluminum flakes as a blowing agent.



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