Smooth, polished and brushed metallic looks with ALLUMINATE 7000

Finest silver dollars provide efficiency and modern silver looks

Simply eye-catching: the silver dollars from ALLUMINATE 7000! Their very smooth effects with extreme brightness make them stand out within their product family. This series of non-leafing pigments comes closest to the trendy chrome effects, especially compared to the other ALLUMINATE series. The development focus of ALLUMINATE 7000 was clearly on achieving brushed, textureless and polished metallic looks.

Color designers enjoy the ever-exciting optical views that can be achieved through enhanced motion effects - especially on curved objects. This recommends ALLUMINATE 7000 for high-end coatings in the automotive industry, for sports equipment, consumer electronics and for plastic and glass coatings. The combination of ALLUMINATE 7000 with synthetic mica enables an interesting spectrum of noble metallic colors.


Striking brightness, strong hiding power
ALLUMINATE 7000 clearly scores with its economy: The bright, very fine silver dollars offer strong hiding power.
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