METALURE® Ultra Black is the effect pigment with the darkest metallic chrome finish in the world. Its intense metallic flop starts with a bold black and unfolds its ultra-dark chrome effect with full light reflection. Conventional tinted VMPs achieve a similar color range, but are far surpassed in brilliance and dark chrome effect by METALURE® Ultra Black.

The new pigment based on non-toxic chromium oxide enriches the well-known METALURE® product range. In addition to the unique color space, the chromium oxide base convinces with functional properties: high chemical resistance and the possibility to be used in single-layer systems without additional stabilization.

METALURE® Ultra Black was developed for high-quality coatings, especially for vehicle trim. It is also used in low solids solventborne coatings for consumer electronics, wheel rims, household appliances, sports equipment, bicycles and glass coatings.


„For high-end applications where an absolutely flawless, dark chrome effect is desired, METALURE® Ultra Black is second to none.”

Thomas Voit
Head of Techincal Marketing - Industrial Coatings



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