„For STANDART® PREMIOR Gold we use lubricants exclusively of plant origin - a competitive advantage in many cultures and regions”

Thomas Voit

Head of Technical Marketing Industrial Coatings

Voilà: STANDART® PREMIOR Gold! Raise the curtain on the two new additions to the premium gold shine range. The laboratory and production team worked diligently on the task of tickling the maximum brilliance out of the cornflakes. With success: optimised grinding and polishing processes during production resulted in two coarse, leafing gold bronze pigments whose shine and opacity impress from the very first moment.

STANDART® PREMIOR Gold is available in the colours rich pale gold and pale gold. It is mainly used in decorative interiors and sets both classical and modern accents. Preferred substrates for lacquering with STANDART® PREMIOR Gold are wood and plastic.

In our effect pigment blog, you can expect deeper insights into the production of the new STANDART® PREMIOR Gold! Find out in the interview where these gold powders are
particularly popular:

Always one step ahead.

Simply smart - right to the end of the process chain.

STANDART® PREMIOR Gold powders are filled into a lightweight PE bag, which is inserted into the steel drum. This means that the drum is not soiled and can be reused or disposed of in a much more environmentally friendly way.

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