Labor and Human Rights Policy


1.1 Commitment

We are committed to respect human rights and labor standards and follow the principles of

the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
the International Bill of Human Rights
the International Labor Organization’s (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work
We actively participate in the United Nations Global Compact and we pursue opportunities to support human rights where we can make a positive impact.

1.2 Coverage

This Policy applies to the ECKART Division including the entities it owns and the entities in which it holds a majority interest.

1.3 Expectations

lf any employee believes that someone is violating this Labor & Human Rights Policy or the law, they are asked to report it immediately to their manager, Human Resources or the ALTANA Whistleblower Hotline.

ECKART expects its business partners and other parties whose own impacts may be directly linked to ECKART’s operations, products, or services to respect and not infringe upon human rights.

1.4 Implementation

Mechanism The Management Board is responsible for ensuring adherence to these commitments. Our Management Review Process ensures that we regularly review and update the progress on our efforts and communicate the results regularly through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report and other communication tools.

lf we identify that we have caused or directly contributed to adverse human rights impacts, we engage in appropriate remediation processes either on our own or in cooperation with other stakeholders. As human rights situations may change, we ensure that we respect all human rights and periodically review our human rights priorities.

Additionally, we are in constant contact with our stakeholders (e.g. customers, suppliers, regulatory authorities, insurances, consultants) to continuously learn about their expectations regarding sustainability and update our sustainability strategy accordingly.


2.1 Fundamental

Human Rights In line with our corporate mission and our code of conduct, all employees, regardless of employment form, shall be treated fairly, with dignity and respect, in accordance with fundamental human rights.

We ensure that the working conditions meet the International Labour Organization (ILO) standard and that all our sites worldwide comply with their national laws. Should national law prohibit compliance with ILO Standards, we seek approaches to come as close as possible to these standards.

2.2 Child Labor

We do not use, or support any use of, child labor or other child exploitation. If we identify any incidence of child labor in our industry and region, we will initiale, or participate in, a program to transfer any children involved in child labor into quality education programs.

No person under the age of fifteen should be employed in full-time employment. lf national or local law stipulates a higher age for competing compulsory education or minimum working age, the higher age shall apply. “Child labor” means any work by a child or young person, unless it is considered acceptable under the ILO Minimum Age Convention 1973 (C138). No one under eighteen years old shall be employed at night or in hazardous work conditions.

2.3 Forced / Bonded Labor

We do not tolerate the use of forced labor, bonded labor or any other form of modern slavery and human trafficking.

No one shall be subject to work under the menace of any penalty or be forced to deposit money or original documents (such as passports, education certificates) at the start of or during their employment. Employees shall be allowed to move freely at work and have the right to leave the premises during and outside of working hours. We are proactively and progressively engaging with our supply chain on each of these issues.

2.4 No harsh or inhuman treatment/Harassment

We fully agree with the values sei forthin the ALTANA Code of Conduct. All employees have the right to fair, courteous, and respectful treatment by supervisors, co-workers, and colleagues. Every employee is obligated to respect the personal sphere of other employees. Sexual harassment and the use of violence in any form are prohibited.

2.5 Non-discrimination

We fully agree with the values sei forthin the ALTANA Code of Conduct. No one may be harassed, discriminated against, or treated unfairly based on their ethnic or national origin, skin color, nationality, ancestry, gender, faith or ideology, political views, age, physical constitution, appearance, or sexual orientation.

2.6 Gender Equality

We are committed to gender equality and strive to achieve a gender balance in management positions that reflects the composition of society. For this reason, we promote warnen in leadership positions.

2.7 Protection of Citizens in Local Communities

In line with our corporate policy we act responsibly towards neighboring societies, safeguard the rights of indigenous people and landowners, and treat all members of society fairly and with dignity and respect. lf we use security services to protect our operations, we ensure that international guidelines and standards for the use of force are respected.

2.8 Employment Relationship

We recognize the importance of secure employment for both the individual and for society through a preference for permanent, open ended and direct employment. We shall not seek to avoid obligations of the employer to dependent workers by disguising what would otherwise be an employment relationship or through the excessive use of temporary or agency labor.

2.9 Freedom of Association and the right to Collective Bargaining

We respect the right of workers to form and join, or not to join, a trade union of their choice and to bargain collectively without fear of reprisals in accordance with the local country regulations.

2.10 Working Conditions and Contract

We will treat all employees fairly and honestly regardless of where they work. Protective clothing, if required, will be provided in sufficient quantity and free of charge.

All employees are entitled to adequate rest breaks, access to restrooms and drinking water at the workplace, and work leave in accordance with the legislation of the country in which they work. Employees receive training on operational hazards and special knowledge required for their job.

2.11 Fair Wages

Our employees are paid a wage in accordance with all applicable legislation and local market conditions and provide all legally mandated benefits.

2.12 Health and Safety

We believe that all injuries and occupational illnesses, as well as safety and environmental incidents are preventable. The health of our employees is our top priority. We encourage our employees to pay attention to and follow our safety regulations. Our commitment is set forth in the ECKART Corporate Policy.


The ALTANA Group has several control mechanisms to monitor compliance with the principles of this Policy. Any non-compliance of the Code must be reported to the ECKART CEO.



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