ROTOSTAR Aqua FPG 74015 Premium Silver


Products of the ROTOSTAR Aqua FPG 74 series are press stable flexographic printing inks with low foam formation and good drying properties for printing on various paper and board substrates. This product series is designed for applications with indirect food contact and meets all legal requirements for this. Migration certificates are available on request. ROTOSTAR Aqua FPG 74 aluminium products are based on non leafing cornflake or silver dollar pigments, which are milled without mineral oil and offer outstanding silver metallic effects in various degrees of intensity in combination with good hiding power. 


All Eckart products with FPG labeling (Food Packaging Grade) have been formulated in accordance with the legal status of the EuPIA and the Swiss Consumer Goods Ordinance and have been manufactured within the required GMP (Good Manufacturing Process). When used correctly and fully dried, the products can be used for indirect food contact applications. If necessary, further regulatory information can be provided.

Market Printing Industry
More Information
Product preparation Printing Ink
Pigment type Silverdollar Pigment
Color shade Silver
Pigment base Aluminum
Solvent Water
Shelf life 6 month(s)
Art. No./Article name Technical Datasheet Technical Product Information
Art. No./Article name
025407HX0 ROTOSTAR Aqua FPG 74015 Premium Silver
Technical Datasheet
Technical Product Information