Intense gold for furniture and accessories

Brilliance with highest hiding power

Our new STANDART® PREMIOR gold powders combine pronounced brilliance with strong hiding power. The coarse leafing pigments are specially designed for interior applications and are suitable for wood and plastic coatings. In the shades rich pale gold and pale gold, they give furniture and accessories unsurpassed luxurious shine.

Optimized production process enables unique gold effects

New packaging format for easier reuse and disposal

Our innovative STANDART® PREMIOR gold powders contain cornflake-like leafing pigments with exceptional technical and optical properties: they combine maximum opacity with unique brilliance. This has been made possible by a novel production process in which we have specially adapted and optimized our traditional milling and polishing processes to produce these particles. The new process eliminates the use of animal fats; instead, we rely entirely on vegetable lubricants.

The attractive new powders are available in two shades: rich pale gold (STANDART® PREMIOR Gold 2040) and pale gold (STANDART® PREMIOR Gold 3040). They are designed for interior applications on wood or plastic and can be used in coatings for professional spray gun applications as well as in do-it-yourself products. In keeping with the unique character of the pigments, we have also developed an extraordinary packaging form. The powders are supplied in a sheet steel drum lined with a lightweight PE bag. This allows reuse and also facilitates disposal.


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"Our must-have for oriental markets and lifestyles"

Thomas Voit, Head of Technical Marketing Industrial Coatings, and Nigel Eckersley, Head of Process Engineering OPP-P2-Process Technology, report in an interview on the markets and applications for which the innovative STANDART® PREMIOR gold powders are most suitable.



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