STAPA® IL HYDROLAN AL-II 2195 Aluminium Paste


Aluminum Pigment based on secondary aluminum: Silica encapsulated and so equipped with the outstanding properties of the HYDROLAN® range: brilliant, gassing resistant and very shear-stable.

Market Coatings
More Information
Product preparation Pigment Paste
Pigment type Silverdollar Pigment
Color shade Silver
Pigment base Aluminum
Solvent Isopropyl Alcohol
Shelf life 24 month(s)
Particle size distribution D10 (µm) 4 - 8
Particle size distribution D50 (µm) 10 - 16
Particle size distribution D90 (µm) 22 - 30
Art. No./Article name Safety Datasheet Technical Datasheet
Art. No./Article name
006005GD0M1 STAPA® IL HYDROLAN AL-II 2195 Aluminium Paste
Safety Datasheet
Technical Datasheet
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