STAPA NDF 150 Aluminum Paste

The NDF pigments are very stable in circulation lines and provide an excellent shear stability. At the same time, they stand for perfect qualities regarding brightness, flop, brilliance and colour durability. They are available in a great number of different particle sizes. NDF pigments are suitable for conventional, high solid systems. Stabilized pigments for waterbased systems are available on demand. Due to its high shear stability, NDF is perfectly suited for the Automotive and Coil Coatings industries. fine non-degrading flake, slight sparkling
Market Coatings
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Product preparation Pigment Paste
Pigment type Silverdollar Pigment
Color shade Silver
Pigment base Aluminum
Solvent Mineral Oil / Solvent Naphtha
Shelf life 18 month(s)
Art. No./Article name Safety Datasheet Technical Datasheet
Art. No./Article name
052177AR0 STAPA NDF 150 Aluminum Paste
Safety Datasheet
Technical Datasheet