STAY/STEEL® provides double corrosion protection: Chemically, the stainless steel flakes prevent rust and aggressive ultraviolet radiation. The pigments are durable, hard and very resistant to abrasion. The non-leafing property of STAY/STEEL® pigments causes the flakes to form a multi-layer structure that is firmly bonded to the substrate. With increasing service life, the binder of the flakes evaporates - the stainless steel particles are exposed. They protect the remaining coating and the underlying carrier layer.
Market Functional Applications Coatings
More Information
Product preparation Powder
Pigment type Cornflake Pigment
Color shade Silver
Pigment base Stainless Steel
Shelf life 24 month(s)
Particle size distribution D10 (µm) 3 - 10
Particle size distribution D50 (µm) 20 - 27
Particle size distribution D90 (µm) 35 - 55
Art. No./Article name Safety Datasheet Technical Datasheet
Art. No./Article name
022172BF0 STAY/STEEL LN 25
Safety Datasheet
Technical Datasheet
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