Trend Colours for Coatings 2025

Explore the color trends of 2025 and discover how to enhance them effectively with pigments.


„When it comes to color trends, it is essential to get involved with moods. You have to develop a sense of what will appeal to people, of what they will be receptive to.”

Global Head of Industrial Coatings

Trend Colours 2025: what they are all about

BIO.TA.R: The BIO.T.AR combines biota - the entirety of living organisms in an ecosystem, and "avatar" - the digital and technical representation of a person.

The BIO.TA.R is both biological and avatar. It integrates new and familiar biological design elements, embodying the harmony between flora, fauna, and technology.

Integrating social, ecological, and economic aspects fosters sustainability awareness, leading to innovative solutions for the future. The BIO.TA.R achieves a balanced fusion of technology and nature, creating new aesthetic and visual stimuli.



ECO-VIBES are like a colourful flower meadow, where a fascinating wildlife of insects and butterflies live.

This natural environment creates a positive atmosphere and promotes a harmonious awareness of sustainable living spaces.


  • Solar Harvest
  • Skyward Blue
  • Purple Haze
  • Earthy Taupe
  • Eco Moss



AQUATIC ARMOUR is a tribute to water, the source of life. The expansiveness, depth, calm, and tranquility of various shades of blue water are combined with green and earthy tones of nature.


  • Glacial Biss
  • Crystal Tide
  • Midnight Tide
  • Ocean Green
  • Seaweed Green
  • Aurumstone Brown



The best of both worlds - nature and technology - are reflected through the facets of the rainbow. The beauty and diversity of nature inspire technology to develop new and sustainable solutions for the future.


  • Frosty Pearl
  • Honeydew Prism
  • Smoky Steel
  • Azure Anthracite
  • Verdant Delight
  • Pyrite Power



Creative and innovative ideas, combined with novel technologies, can lead us to take new paths while building upon our existing knowledge. The future holds endless opportunities that we have to seize to shape the world in a forward-looking way.


  • Gleen
  • Blust
  • Royal Sapphire
  • Neon Glow
  • Blaze
  • Viozor



Retro meets functionality. The makeover combines the classic and timeless style with a modern, attractive touch. The elegant becomes even more elegant.


  • Brassflare
  • Obsidian
  • Silk
  • Aged Metallic
  • Retro Silver
  • Technical Metallic

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