ECKART Effect Pigments

Let It Shine!

Dear Visitors, 

Let It Shine – a world full of gold, silver, and glitter awaits you at the ECKART booth at FAF Farbe in Cologne, where you’ll find the perfect highlights for your creative projects!

Sparkling metallic and pearlescent pigment concentrates for wall paints provide the right accents for both interior and exterior applications, from intense glitter to matte pearlescent shimmer. The easy-to-apply pigments are suitable for a wide range of application techniques. 

And best of all, the products contain neither VOC nor APEO, are free of plasticizers, and meet the standards of the RAL-ZU 102 ecolabel.

Choose your personal favorite from our shiny sprays, lacquers, and powders in gold, silver, and various glitter colors, which you can use to create stunning effects in no time at all.

A slightly shimmering wall with a concrete look? High-gloss highlights for walls that look like chrome? Discover our new product SHINEDECOR Polial: simply stir the pigment concentrate into mixing lacquer for wall painting applications – and you’re done. After applying and drying the paint, polish as desired.

Stop adverse weather conditions and rust dead in their tracks! In the field of repair and protection, we will be showcasing thermal paints, protective coatings and sprays, as well as products for rust prevention. 

We look forward to showing you our sparkling products and interesting highlights from the world of effect pigments in hall 7 at booth 611 – come by and see us!