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LAPONITE is based on synthetic layered silicates that hydrate and swell to build clear and colourless colloidal dispersions in water or aqueous alcohol solutions. The products are easy to disperse.

LAPONITE boasts ideal pseudoplastic flow behaviour: It gets fluid very easily when shear or pressure is applied and recovers the original viscosity very quickly, when shear or pressure is stopped.

LAPONITE products improve the stability of formulations and keep particles, pigments or solid active ingredients durably in suspension.

At concentrations of only 2 % in water, highly thixotropic gels with unique shear thinning properties are obtained. When sprayed, gels with LAPONITE produce a homogeneous distribution of very fine droplets that remain on the surface they are applied to without running or dripping.

Thanks to their fine particle size LAPONITE products improve the skin feel of personal care products. Final formulations with Laponite have a light, non-sticky texture.

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All about LAPONITE in five minutes

Watch our video to learn all about how LAPONITE works and how your product can
benefit from it!

„LAPONITE is a league of its own: it is purer and feels better, works faster, longer and thanks to its synergistic effects, it compensates for the weaknesses of other thic”

Paloma Moya del Valle

Global Head of Cosmetics

Good to know:

At concentrations as low as 2 %, gels or formulations with LAPONTE will thicken immediately after shaking or spraying. This makes it ideal for sprays which should not drip after application. Get inspired by our formulations!


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