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Pearlescent and Metallic Effect Pigments for Coatings

ECKART has a complete range of pearlescent and metallic effect pigments for coatings and paints. Whether you require brilliant effects, weather and chemical resistance, corrosion protection or sensational metallic color tones, we have the right product for your every need!

Pigments for Coatings

ECKART offers pigments for coatings that are metallic and pearlescent. ECKART not only strives to provide outstanding technical and customer service, but we also offer color expertise.

Color Trends in Pigments for Coatings

ECKART works with trend scouts and the international Color Marketing Group to identify what he incoming trends will be. Every year we select five trends; each with six shades.

The goal is to demonstrate ECKART’s commitment to servicing the industry with pigments for coatings with new esthetics, while remaining true to our belief in sustainability.

Pigments for Coatings Industries

Automotive, Industrial, Powder and Functional are all industries that ECKART services. We offer these industries more than just products, but also support. Working with ECKART to find pigments for coatings that fit your needs you will be impressed with our commitment to research and development, technical support and customer service.