EDELSTEIN CFX - High Chroma Pearlescent Pigments

ECKART is presenting EDELSTEIN Topaz Orange, which enriches the newly introduced EDELSTEIN portfolio by the highest chroma in the orange space available on the worldwide market so far.

The EDELSTEIN synthetic pearlescent pigments are based on premium layered silicates and on innovative, patented coating technology.

Both Topaz Orange and the existing EDELSTEIN Ruby Red shade combine strong color intensity with excellent chemical and shear stability.

EDELSTEIN CFX is the EDELSTEIN product variant with additional functional advantages, such as:
- excellent condensation test and intercoat adhesion
- ideal shear and chemical stability
- optimized incorporation in water and solvent-based paints
- excellent optical performance for pneumatic and electrostatic application techniques

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EDELSTEIN CFX Topaz Orange PDF Orange
EDELSTEIN Sunstone Champagne CFX Champagne (Earth tone)