SYMIC pearlescent pigments are based on synthetic mica. They feature high colour purity and colour depth.

The SYMIC product family currently consists of:SYMIC für decorative purposes and for interiors

SYMIC OEM for industrial and exterior applications as well as for automotive coatings 

The decisive advantages of SYMIC are:

  • High colour depth and purity
  • Impressive sparkling effects
  • Easy processing
  • Ideal intercoat adhesion
  • Excellent pigment orientation
  • Suitable for conventional,  waterbased and UV systems

The stabilised SYMIC OEM version offers in addition:

  • Outstanding weather and chemical resistance
  • Very narrow particle size distribution

SYMIC Opaque Silver – Aluminium and Pearl in one combined

SYMIC Opaque Silver combines the metallic optics and the flop of aluminium pigments with the functional advantages of pearlescent pigments. It is especially suited for application fields where aluminium is not allowed. The product is physiologically safe, temperature resistant and shows no EMI shielding. The OEM variant, SYMIC OEM Opaque Silver, was developed for applications that require outstanding weather and chemical resistances.

product name technical data sheet safety data sheet Colour shades compare up to 3 products
SYMIC B001 PDF Interference Silver
SYMIC C261 PDF Interference Blue
SYMIC C321 PDF Combination Gold
SYMIC C542 PDF Fire Red (Earth tone)
SYMIC C001 PDF Interference Silver
SYMIC C241 PDF Interference Red
SYMIC C522 PDF Copper
SYMIC C604 PDF Opaque Silver
SYMIC OEM Fine Silver PDF Silver
SYMIC OEM Medium Blue PDF Blue
SYMIC OEM Medium Silver PDF Silver
SYMIC OEM Medium Opaque Silver PDF Silver
SYMIC OEM Medium Red PDF Red
SYMIC OEM Medium Fire-Red PDF Fire red
SYMIC OEM Medium Copper PDF Copper
SYMIC C271 PDF Interference Green
SYMIC C221 PDF Interference Gold
SYMIC OEM Superfine Silver PDF Silver
SYMIC E001 PDF Interference Silver
SYMIC E221 PDF Interference Gold
SYMIC E241 PDF Interference Red
SYMIC OEM Medium Space Gold PDF Gold
SYMIC OEM Fine Opaque Silver PDF Silver