ECKART Effect Pigments

Effect pigments for conventional painting systems

Conventional painting systems have been a proven industrial solution for years. After all, they offer numerous advantages: easy working, high surface tolerance, short drying times.
ECKART provides the shining accents for your coating: for many decades now, the ECKART name has stood for brilliant effects in gold, silver and colored metallic finishes.
Regardless of whether you want to achieve fascinating metallic color shades, place great importance on weather and chemical resistance or need corrosion protection: ECKART offers the right effect pigments for every need.

ECKART's portfolio of gold bronze and copper pigments offers a wide spectrum of colors ranging from gold shades with a hint of green all the way to intense antique copper colors.

ECKART zinc flakes provide very good surface protection and good cathodic corrosion protection even at low levels of pigmentation.