METALURE® Liquid Black

Imagine casting a starlit night into liquid metal? METALURE® Liquid Black provides your individual application with this very special effect.
This midnight black metallic appearance is unique – METALURE® Liquid Black is the only PVD product available on the market worldwide that guarantees this captivating deep, dark colour shade.
METALURE® Liquid Black not only convinces by its appearance. The extremely high chemical resistance withstands any possible stresses.
METALURE®Liquid Black is based on chromium oxide; it is chemically inert and free of any chrome-VI compounds. Thus, it is toxically safe.
It is manufactured during a very elaborate metallization process which guarantees this black, mirror-like appearance.  
METALURE® Liquid Black is perfectly suited for all common coatings systems: waterbased, solvent and UV curing.

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