Dark chrome effects

ECKART offers different product series for solvent-based coatings systems. From a newly developed pigment with an optical density (OD) of 3.0, which generates very light, almost white effects similar to chromium. At the other end of the scale are the thinnest pigments, with an OD of 0.6 for an exceptionally dark metallic appearance. The portfolio comprises products with various particle size distributions.
We recommend the following products for dark chrome-like effects:

product name technical data sheet safety data sheet Colour shades compare up to 3 products
METALURE® A-31010 AE PDF Silver
METALURE ® A-41010 BG PDF Silver
METALURE® A-31017 AE PDF Silver
METALURE® A-41010 AE PDF Silver
METALURE® A-42010 BG PDF Silver
METALURE® A-41014 BG PDF Silver
METALURE® A-41510 EN PDF Silver
METALURE® Quantum 510105 BG PDF Silver