STAPA HFG is a worldwide unique product innovation for waterborne coatings in the field of applications with direct food contact.

HFG means Hydro Food Grade. The aluminium pigments used for this product are specially coated and stabilized. 

STAPA HFG is PAH free and compliant with various European standards regarding food contact. Amongst others, STAPA HFG is in accordance with:

  • FDA approval 175.300
  • European standard for toys EN-71-3 (as of Nov. 2002)

For this reason, STAPA HFG is perfectly suited for applications such as toys, packagings, can coatings or for the coating of cookware.

This water-based product solution provides the desired expressive optics for your application: from a soft, greyish shade to high-sparkling effects.

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STAPA® HFG 212 PDF Silver
STAPA® HFG 214 PDF Silver
STAPA® HFG 501 PDF Silver
STAPA® HFG 801 PDF Silver