METALURE® products and SILVERSHINE P are ultra-brilliant aluminum pigment dispersions creating the highest level of reflectance in solvent-based paints and coatings.
In a special physical vapor deposition (PVD) process, extremely thin aluminum pigments are manufactured which are free of lubricants. They have a uniformly smooth surface with perfect non-leafing properties that result in an optical mirror-like effect.

The advantages of METALURE® products and SILVERSHINE P:

  • chrome-like finishes similar to metallization
  • very good rub resistance
  • high reflective values
  • high brilliant color effects in combination with organic color pigments
  • excellent color intensity and high opacity
  • chrome-like effects possible owing to low dry film thickness (2 - 5 μm)
  • overcoating with topcoats possible
  • product grades can be mixed to obtain further color shades

METALURE® Liquid Black is based on chromium oxide and is the darkest pigment in the PVD series. Its mirror-like, midnight black appearance is a real eye-catcher. It exhibits excellent resistance to all chemical influences. METALURE® Liquid Black is also chemically inert and free of chrome VI compounds.

product name technical data sheet safety data sheet Colour shades compare up to 3 products
METALURE® Liquid Black PDF Black
METALURE® L-51007 PDF Silver
METALURE® L-51016 PDF Silver
METALURE® L-54893 PDF Silver
METALURE® L-54894 PDF Silver
METALURE® L-55350 PDF Silver
METALURE® L-55700 PDF Silver
METALURE® L-56161 PDF Silver
METALURE® L-63418 PDF Silver
METALURE® A-31010 AE PDF Silver
METALURE® A-31017 AE PDF Silver
METALURE® A-41010 AE PDF Silver
METALURE ® A-41010 BG PDF Silver
METALURE® A-41014 BG PDF Silver
METALURE® A-61006 BG PDF Silver
METALURE® A-61010 AE PDF Silver
METALURE® A-61010 BG PDF Silver
METALURE A-21010 BG Silver
METALURE® L-61406 MA Silver