Chrome Effect Metalure Quantum
Chrome Effect Metalure Quantum

METALURE® Quantum: A Chrome Effect Pigment

METALURE® Quantum products are mirror effect, highly brilliant, non-leafing Vacuum Metallized Pigments (VMP). These extremely thin aluminum flakes are produced in a special process, Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD).

  • Premium gloss: up to 50% more gloss than comparable products, measured in both 20° and 60° angles
  • Very low scattering for even more brilliant chrome-like effects
  • Color shift in all angles – to a more bluish shade
  • Lowest sieve residue
  • Improved intercoat adhesion on all substrates tested with this pigment group
    Optimized particle size distribution

METALURE® Quantum pigments are recommended for high-end coatings, such as consumer electronics, plastic coatings, car interior, wheel rims and decorative purposes. The product series is also ideally suited for mirror effects in many printing applications.

product name technical data sheet safety data sheet Colour shades compare up to 3 products
METALURE® Quantum 210100 MA PDF Silver
METALURE® Quantum 510105 BG PDF Silver
METALURE® Quantum 210160 MA PDF Silver
METALURE® Quantum 515075 IA Silver
METALURE® Quantum 710110 AE Silver
METALURE® Quantum 610103 AE Silver
METALURE® Quantum 610073 NP Silver