ECKART Effect Pigments


Non-leafing Aluminum Pigments with Highest Chemical Resistance

Stable, more stable, STANDART® PCUplus 800 - their maximum resistance to chemicals is indisputably the one characteristic that makes our new non-leafing pigments for powder coatings so globally unique.

Numerous tests with mortars and chemicals prove it: STANDART® PCUplus 800 effortlessly withstands even very aggressive strains. In comparison, STANDART® PCUplus 800 shows no or hardly any detectable color changes under high chemical strain.

In spite of its fineness, STANDART® PCUplus 800 is as stable as our highly resistant, coarser pigments of the STANDART® PCU series. 

Mortar TestFlorida TestHumidity Test
PCUplus 8008++++++++ongoing++++
PCU 500051++++++++++++++++
PCU 350034++++++++++++++++

: ++++ Superior, +++ Excellent, ++ Very Good, + Good, ° Fair

product name technical data sheet safety data sheet Colour shades
STANDART® PCUplus 800 PDF Silver